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Man convicted of filming sexual abuse of child begins prison sentence

Officials say urgent multistate investigation located victim in Loudon

Franklin man convicted of filming sexual abuse of child begins prison sentence
A Franklin man has started serving a 50-year prison sentence and he was convicted last year of six counts of producing child sex abuse videos.

Law enforcement officials said the multistate investigation was more urgent than most. This case involved a living victim, a 3-year-old boy from Loudon. When the tip came in from Louisiana, investigators in New Hampshire said they couldn’t waste a single minute.

Brad Smith, 33, was arrested in Louisiana, but police said the videos he produced were made in New Hampshire, so the case was tried in federal court in the Granite State.

“This case began with a Homeland Security investigation in Detroit, Michigan,” said Mike Posanka of the Department of Homeland Security.

A suspect in Michigan was trading images and videos with Smith in Louisiana, officials said.

“He was wearing Google Glasses and filmed himself engaging in horrific sex acts with a very young child,” acting U.S. Attorney John Farley said.

In a matter of hours after receiving the tip, federal, state and local law enforcement agencies were coordinating a multistate investigation to stop Smith and notify the Loudon family about what had happened.

“Since it was a victim identification and due to the egregious nature of the allegations, we deemed this as a very high priority case,” said Cmdr. Tom Grella of the state Internet Crimes Against Children Taskforce.

Smith was convicted in April and sentenced last week.

“We know and have some assurance that that individual is not going to hurt any more children, and that’s very important to us, and it’s important to the community,” Farley said.

Forensic examiners had to log hundreds of thousands of hours of videos and images found on Smith’s computer to build the case.

“Unfortunately, some of the images they have to see are some of the most horrific things you can imagine, and I always say they can’t unsee that,” Concord police Lt. Sean Ford said.

Investigators said Smith was completely unrepentant and tried to revoke his taped confession during the trial and pin the crimes on his brother. He is appealing his conviction.